Who among us has never used any excuse for not going to the gym?

We started from this simple consideration that inactive people have in common to realize  the first Book of Excuses.

“50 excuses for not going to the gym” GetFIT uses irony to motivate inactive people

The only language that inactive people are able to listen to about physical activity is irony; so, to realize this book, we went in search of the most creative, absurd, bizarre and funny excuses in which sedentary people identify themselves, then we involved a distinguished association, NutriMente, which carried out a survey on 2,000 people - men and women aged 18 and 40 yrs.

Objective: to position GetFIT as the leading Fitness Brand that puts everyone at ease, whatever activity he/she practices.

Seven out of ten Italians as far as fitness is concerned  are lazy and listless: from lack of time to too many daily commitments.

Here are the main excuses for not practicing physical activity: on the podium we find the lack of time (73%), the tiredness accumulated during the day (69%) and the cost of subscription (65%). Not only time, tiredness and money: the lack of will leads to rely on sometimes extravagant justifications: 59% do not want to leave their pet alone at home, 50% cling to time and climate. The laziest (44%) feel "the burden" of carrying the bag all day, while the most greedy (45%) confess that they are too hungry to go to the gym immediately after work. These and other absurd excuses are contained in the book "50 excuses for not going to the gym", a tribute to the Milanese with the aim of motivating people to choose a healthy lifestyle and to make Milan the more healthy city of Europe.