During the Design Week, the presentation of the design scooter set up only with 3M VHB to professionals and operators. Any screw, any rivet, any welding: unbelievable, but true!

3M VHB introduction to Today’s and Tomorrow’s Design professionals

Five days of street activities to contact Design professionals of today and tomorrow, Architects, Designers, Design and Architecture students.

A road book defined to meet the target, covering the most prestigious and popular districts (Brera, Tortona, Lambrate, Cinque Vie, Ventura Centrale, Ventura Futura, Porta Venezia and Politecnico).

Our agile and unusual team, highly recognizable thanks to branded "technical" clothing, but always informal, was made up of 2 hostesses who spun across people on the 3M VHB scooter and a steward with a billboard that summarizes the exclusive advantage of 3M VHB: stop to screws, to rivets, to welds!

Is it possible? The scooter was the proof of the design, strength, versatility and aesthetic appeal of 3M VHB.

To strengthen communication, the hostess invited to a comparative test between a normal tape and 3M VHB. They had a "pull Tab": combined with a normal industrial adhesive tape or with 3M VHB: the normal tape yields, while 3M VHB cannot be detached.

The effect is clear and the appeal assured, in fact, nearly two thousand brochures were delivered and hundreds of subscriptions to the 3M newsletter got. Very the tablet with the site, the registration form and presentation of the important competition for Designers "do you accept the challenge?”: awarded the most interesting projects, made with 3M VHB.

3M VHB..accetti la sfida?