An absorbing year of work that has revolutionized the “way we move around in the city”. 

car2go conquers Italy

To launch car2go, Mirata developed an innovative and never seen before in other countries strategy: no big investments in billboards and ADV, but a rather unconventional campaign which generated word of mouth activating the target immediately. The streets became the place where car2go was promoted, because the streets are the place in which car2go moves and meets its clients while responding to their modern mobility needs. We transformed the Smarts in mobile registration points, with unusual messages with a strong focus on services on the doors. The mobile teams followed the targets movements around the city, signaling their presence through Facebook.

Car2Go conquista l’Italia

To guarantee a constant service to the citizens, we set up two temporary offices to adapt to the territory.
The tour started in August 2013 in Milan, arriving in Rome in March 2014 and finishing in Florence in May 2014. We reached the targets in all spontaneous points of aggregation: the main high streets, shopping malls and department stores, residential areas, universities and the main fairs and events.
To generate a sharing feeling and word of mouth we recruited 70 exceptional Ambassadors: motor champions, famous people living in the cities from show-biz to communications, music and sports.

The activity generated:

100 radio and TV airplays; 500 press and web articles

20.000 NEW FANS

10.700.000 Impressions on the page


700 posted pictures

Only a year from the launch, these numbers speak for themselves: 150.000 subscribers  

50.000 rentals per week

1 million rentals

6 million kilometers covered.

15.000 cars less in Milan


Italy is the most successful case study in the world for car2go.

Conquer Italians: OBJECTIVE REACHED.