Standing by Community Group, managing the press conference which launched “Confindustria Moda”.

Confindustria Moda, the new federation of Italian fashion

On March 28 in Milan the new fashion, textile and accessory federation was announced in a press conference attended by Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development and Vincenzo Boccia, the President of Confindustria.

Confindustria Moda represents more than 67 thousand Made in Italy companies, which generate a turnover of over € 88 billion and employ more than 580 thousand workers.

The partners of Confindustria Moda represent the excellence of Italian manufacture, hold leadership positions in international markets and in 2016 recorded a 62% of export percentage of sales.

Claudio Marenzi, President of SMI starting from 2013 - Sistema Moda Italia, is the first president of the new federation, while Cirillo Marcolin, President of Fiamp - Italian Federation of Fashion and Person - and Anfao - National Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers - is the new vice president of the Federation.

Confindustria Moda brings together the companies associated to SMI and Fiamp - which brings together Aimpes (Italian Association manufacturing leather goods and substitutes), AIP (Italian Fur Association), Anfao Assocalzaturifici and Federorafi (National Federation of Goldsmiths Silversmiths Jewellers Manufacturers).

Confindustria Moda will offer to its members cross-legal services, industrial relations management and research department.

We managed the organization of the press conference and the choice of location (in Milan fashion four streets) for Community Group, a leading PR Advisers in financial communication in Italy, who has chosen us as partners.