Discovery Media presented the new autumn publications of Discovery Italy’s portfolio, focusing once again on an innovative format: the major media centers in Milan and Rome were actively involved in a real and proper ‘whip strokes’ challenge. 

Discovery Media and Knam invite you to the sweetest summer challenge!

We transformed the meeting venues using the “Bake Off Italy” style-the show which touched a record in share audience on Real time and that will be back in Autumn with the new season- and invited the media centers to enter into the mood of the program through “bakery contests”.

The typical cake box redesigned to be the ‘Discovery Media Bakery Challenge 2014’ box containing the contestants uniforms together with Ernst Knam’s video invitation to the competition, is the original gift that we delivered to the media centers in Milan and Rome to invite them to take part in the event. 

Discovery Media Challenge final

The leaders of each media center, supported by the presence of their colleagues, wore chef aprons and hats, to challenge themselves in baking a secret cake.
They had twenty minutes to cook under close supervision of exceptional guests: Ernst Knam and Madalina Pometescu, “Bake Off Italy” first edition winner. The contestants were supported by the precious advice of the judges, which at the end of the event, as dictated by the original format, tasted the best creations and announced the winner of the challenge.

Through this initiative, Discovery Media and Mirata continue to stand out in the market thanks to their innovative capacity to engage major players in unprecedented and original ways.