An outdoor weekend playing and learning good practices related to food, environmental, digital, musical, motor and behavioral education.

Esselunga KidsPark® is back: the educational event that invests in our children’s future

After the great success of its first edition, crowned with the award as the best educational event at BEA, Esselunga KidsPark®, the project dedicated to school-age children and their families’ education, is back in Milan, supported by the Department of Education of the Municipality of Milan and by SIAE. An open-air weekend held at the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens, under the claim "education changes the future", in which the children played and learned respect for others, nature and good practices related to food, environmental, digital, musical, motor and behavioral education, thanks to the different workshops and games offered by the partners of the event.

Over the weekend, 10,000 people attended Esselunga KidsPark®.

Over 70 activities scheduled between music, sports, creative workshops, workshops on smartphone and digital tools use, organized by the partners: Yamaha Music School, La Casa delle Note in Via Hajech, Elephant Action League, Wildlife Park La Torbiera, Wiki-Tree, Centro Sportivo Italiano, Yoga Festival, Spera Yoga, Unione Italiana Qwan Ki Do, Postal Police, Atelier Digitali, IISFA, Francesca Rava NPH-Italy Foundation, Centro Polìsola.

The ecological guards conducted 4 tours through Public Gardens and 4 special musical performances with professional drummers and percussionists. Guest star: Edoardo, the child prodigy, who participated in Italia's Got Talent.

Esselunga is for the second time sponsor of Kidspark; this year Esselunga wanted to give a contribution by focusing on a very important topic: the healthy diet. Esselunga wants to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy eating; they launched the Superfoodies project, the new collection, made of characters in the shape of fruit and vegetables.

Media Partners: National Geographic Kids, RDS, Milanosport and Giovani Genitori.

Esselunga KidsPark 2019

The Super Foodies laboratories of Esselunga, through which children discover curiosities and original recipes to consume fruit and vegetables, held by the Masters of Taste, profound connoisseurs of the powers contained in food.
It is important for children to be aware of the world we live in, of the risks and precautions to be taken to preserve our beautiful planet.
Educating children, and their parents, to respect the environment and love for our planet.
Moving and having fun, encouraging attention, concentration and learning.
Qwan Ki Do to discover a martial art, its educational, cultural and pedagogical value, for young people and their future.
Postal Police lessons to understand web risks and opportunities.
Traditional games to develop psychomotor skills and teach respect for the rules.
A joyful approach to music with Yamaha Music Europe.
A tour of the Public Gardens with the Ecological Guards to become aware citizens, responsible towards themselves, the environment and the community.
The smartphone becomes an active gaming tool, involving parents and children.
Education becomes a tool for growth to acquire self-awareness, trust and a sense of responsibility towards others, with the pediatric clearance course of Francesca Rava Foundation - NPH Italia.
A drum circle, or a circle of people playing percussion instruments, having fun and creating music.
Parents and children playing together, to learn to know each other (better), in a light and funny way.
Edorado gave the rhythm to the #kidspark. Children are ROCK!