We take care of your eyes

Events in shops for the rebranding of Avanzi and Optissimo

We are designing and managing for GrandVision Italy the events created to celebrate the rebranding in Avanzi and Optissimo main stores throughout the country.

An event concept able to transfer to the target the positioning of GrandVision generating empathy between brands and consumers: "We take care of your eyes."

We studied different format, starting from April, to apply on field. The communication tool that characterizes them is an educational guide, which demonstrate, in a clear and effective, the secrets to take care of one’s eyes, underlining three good habits: Protection, Rest, and hydration.

To enhance the hydration benefits for a healthy sight, during field activities the staff delivers, together with the guide, a bottle of GrandVision water.

In top stores, we set up a real Juice Bar to serve fresh and natural juices customers done with fruit and vegetable healthy for the eyes.