Mytaxi, Daimler-Mercedes’s App, present in 40 cities in the world, with 45.000 active taxis and over 10 million users, arrives to Italy. 

The first App in the world that changes Taxi’s rules arrives to Italy.

The launch press conference took place on 13 April, just before the Design Week, one of the most important events of the city of Milan and in time to be ready for Expo.
The first phase objective was to discuss with the taxi drivers their new working system and collect subscriptions. To do this we used an articulate and in-depth, territorial, delocalized awareness campaign. Our 24-7 task force engaged and illustrated the service, the advantages for the user and category generating word of mouth- a key system to propagate the new service about to arrive to all the city of Milan in a few weeks. 

The results of this first phase were that even before the press release Mytaxi could already count on 200 taxi drivers that had subscribed to the service.