A great b2b event in Pollenzo to celebrate 15 years of great results of the AGCO Finance sales network.

A great vintage.

AGCO Finance plays in agribusiness area.

We achieved their event in Pollenzo, much more than a location. The places that hosted the event were already a media, places that told the guests about meaning and value of the event: UNESCO World Heritage, headquarters of Slow Food, site of the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Banca del Vino.

The guests immersed themselves in a multi-sensory experience inside the historic underground of the Banca del Vino, created by Carlo Alberto.
Inside Banca del Vino we created 8 different islands - stations manned by professional Sommeliers F.I.S.A.R. and guests, divided into groups, participated to tasting, cultural and training workshops and experiences on wine and wine tasting.
During the day, there was also a celebration moment in which Certificates of Excellence were assigned to Dealers for their commitment and work are the pillars of the successes and growth of these and of the coming years.
In the evening, before the long-awaited and highly appreciated gala dinner based on local excellence, an engaging moment of sharing and thanksgiving in which the spirit, values and vision that move Agco Finance and its people have been taken up. "Caveman" Show closed the evening.

Our tasks: concept, creative direction, emotional video, invitation management, accommodation, experiential journey, logistics.