Huggies® has launched a new range of diapers, born to guarantee the best protection and absorbance throughout toddlers’ growth: Huggies® Baby for the newborns, and Huggies® Boy and Girl from the 3rd month onwards- when the physiological differences become more obvious and the way they pee too!

Huggies Temporary Nursery

To support this launch, we have created and done an activity made to measure the target: the mummy. The idea was born to help accompany mothers into the transition of motherhood, in time of need, offering them a useful, innovative, and different nursery service. How often does a mom need to change her baby without knowing where to do it? Hence, we built temporary nurseries on wheels that circulated freely around the cities: in parks, main pedestrian streets, and the central congestion charge areas.

Equipped of all the necessary tools to change the baby, these temporary nurseries by the cool and appealing looks, have been seen in many different cities in Italy: in Piazza Duomo in Milan, around kinder-gardens and parks in Turin, and to rescue all the new mummies of the capital.