Inauguration of the new district "Le Albere" designed by Renzo Piano.

Le Albere , designed by ‘senator for life’ Renzo Piano, was inaugurated in Trento, in the presence of the Minister of Economic Devlopment , Flavio Zanonato, with TV conductor Enrico Bertolino and the Kataklò show. The event foresaw three stages with ongoing alternating performances of jazz groups, and a huge catering for over 6.000 people from Trento that came to get a piece of their city.

Inaugurazione del nuovo quartiere progettato da Renzo Piano

The historical villa from which the whole neighborhood takes its name was used as a backdrop for mapping projections.
The same citizens ended off the evening by participating to the unique and iconic launch of the flying lanterns as an omen of good luck and worries floating away.

100.000 mq2, a 50 acres park, shops, apartments, streets, commercial buildings. From today, Trento has become more beautiful.