A 12 days roadshow in the shopping malls throughout Italy, dedicated to the discovery of the new 2in1 devices, the new Windows10 Anniversary Update software and the latest generation of Intel processors. Intel and Microsoft, why choose?

Intel e Microsoft. Why choose? #bettertogether

From a creative idea of ​​Graffiti, we produced the 2in1 road show in 12 of the most important shopping malls in Italy.

We realized an island, set up like a fashion show room, showing functionality, speed, practicality and elegance of the products.

The space was open on all sides, with a spectacular showcase of devices, display cases with mannequins dressed in 2in1 and functional position to test the products with the advice of our two product specialists and the support of 2 hostess.

Five tailoring suits designed and made specifically to represent the two souls inside the 2in1 devices, computers that combine the specificities of a tablet and a portable PC through innovative design solutions, with an Intel processor and software.

In addition to the mannequins, three extras walked through the gallery to meet the target, delivering an invitation leaflet to the stand.

To those who attended the stand, the staff offered a free captive pen and a practical backpack.

In addition, a powerful power bank was the gift to those who purchased a product with Microsoft and Intel technology at the Consumer Electronics retailers in the Mall.

Why choose? #bettertogether.

Intel e Microsoft. Perché scegliere?

Over 1,000,000 views
Over 5,000 demonstrations