Three weekends to have fun and learn good practices related to road safety, food, music and physical education. Main Sponsor: Gruppo Fassina

KidsPark®, learning it’s a child’s play

KidsPark® is an outdoor educational engagement event for primary-school children, who enjoy and learn respect for others and nature, along with their parents. Thanks to the various workshops offered by the partners of the initiative, from the main sponsor Fassina Group and the sponsor Esselunga, KidsPark® explains the best practices related to road safety, food, music and physical education.

KidsPark® takes place on 19th and 20th May at the Ravizza Park, on May 26th and 27th at Parco Sempione (near basketball area) and on June 2nd and 3rd at Indro Montanelli Park (on the Bastioni side). From 10.30 to 19.00 there are a series of activities and workshops aimed at developing children education. In fact, good manners, respect for oneself, for the others and for the environment contribute to the development of a sense of civic identity and to increase balance, security and self-confidence.

The project is supported by the Municipality of Milan.

"A wonderful initiative that involves children, young people and their families in important educational challenges through games, workshops and sharing moments", commented the assessors Laura Galimberti (Education) and Pierfrancesco Maran (Urban and Green). "The parks of our city are the ideal backdrop for teaching fundamental values ​​to young Milanese, who will be our tomorrow's adults".

Road safety area: for Fassina Group, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo, the main sponsor of KidsPark®, a track is set up to conduct driving tests on 8 pedal machines, following which a driving license is issued for citizens of the future. The Association of Urban Traffic Police guides children in the track.
Behavioral education area: two workshops that enhance collaborative and design learning: exploring the park to discover nature with inventories of particular leaves and barks, and outdoor games in the name of fair play with treasure hunting, captive ball, steals the flag and much more.
Music education area: the ICM Music Association, a technical partner of KidsPark® that has been operating in Lombardy for over 10 years, is involved in spreading the musical culture, encouraging the aggregation and the beauty of playing together. Classical and modern music performances, with the intention of involving children.
Physical education area: KidsPark® together with Moma Studios and YogaFestival involve children in dance lessons and yoga workshops. Moma Studios moves from the dynamic and rhythmic lessons of hip hop to those of breakdance, ending with kickboxing lessons, qwan ki do and self-defense, all activities focused on technical, educational, educational and competitive aspects to develop non-violent behavior but correct discipline. Yoga Festival, through the dynamics of the game and the group, transmits the primary values of yoga, such as love, respect, sharing, acceptance, helping them to improve the management of emotions, concentration and, in general, a mood. The meetings are organized by the Spera Yoga center.
Food education area: moment dedicated to a good snack, able to cover the needs of an organism still growing. Good but also healthy: in the food education area, we spread the basic principles of healthy. Esselunga, sponsor of the project, offers snacks and promotes the theme of healthy and correct nutrition.

The detailed program of the activity on the website and on the KidsPark® facebook page. The communication plan was developed with media partners: Discoradio, with commercials, quotes, interviews in the field and social channels, and with Milanosport, with web communication, dem and posters in their structures.

We are proud of our project KidsPark®: children, education and the future. What else? #kidspark #imparoalparco