The communication campaign # scadrègati becomes digital and strikes again! On air from September 2018 with new subjects, new creativity and with the #scadrègaFIT guide, a program of exercises to run with a “cadrèga”!

"Milan rediscovers the joy of moving." The GetFIT communication campaign #scadrègati is back!

#SCADRÈGATI... a lifestyle. The "Cadrega", the 2017 campaign subject, becomes the engine of the2018 communication campaign and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. The "cadrega" turns into a tool for exercising, to stop inactive lifestyle!

The claim of the campaign is "Milan rediscovers the joy of moving". Back to work does not mean sitting but staying active and always on the move thanks to GetFIT.

We developed the concept in a billposting campaign, in proximity and street activities.

After the great success of the first campaign, creativity has been developed in three new subjects that represent: a young, ironic and always connected girl, an active retired and an inactive employee.

# scadrègaFIT is the newness of this year, an ironic training program, exercises to get fit with the "cadrèga". In short, the chair really becomes a tool for fitness, at home, at work and in the gym. The # scadrègaFIT program, designed for the well-being of the citizens of Milan, has become a news, published on Italian newspapers.
Furthermore, during # Scadrègati campaign activation, masterclasses were carried out focusing on the use of the "cadrèga" as a training tool, amplifying the message and involving all members of GetFIT fitness centers and influencers / journalists. Among outdoor activities, we have involved the neighborhood stores to the Clubs (hairdressers, offices, bakeries ... etc.), which embraced the campaign displaying communication materials. We also carried out a street activity giving visibility to the campaign.