Open your Smile at Marathons and in Virgin Active clubs

Open your Smile 2016

In 2016 Invisalign® focused on sport, sponsoring Virgin Active clubs and investing in a circuit of three running events, 2 half marathons and a marathon, giving visibility to the project Open your Smile - a philosophy of life.

Running is a very trendy sport phenomenon, always growing in our country; over 5.6 million practitioners, roughly 2.3 million who train regularly and consistently.

We have created a format which spoke effectively to target who participated to the competitions: il Chilometro del Sorriso.  1,000 meters to run with a smile, at Km 19 of each race.

In the classic marathon it is about halfway and it's time show one's teeth; in the half marathon it is almost the end.

According to the Neapolitan Grimace the number 19 represents ‘A Resata' (Smile).

To await the passage of the runners, and give lightness and humor, a team of supporters to encourage them with positive and motivational thoughts. Along the km billboards with curiosity about smiling. The goal was to invite runners to a challenge: to smile despite the effort. A photographer took pictures of the runners during the special 1,000 meters.

Thousands of photos were published on Open your Smile facebook page.

Running to feel healthy, smiling as a gym for one’s mind.. running and smiling to feel good!.