Open your Smile gives free smiles to Italian schools

Open Your Smile is a new way of communicating. It invites you to smile. A culture made of smiles, because in all life situations smiles work!

People who smile are appreciated more than those who don’t, because they communicate more balance, confidence, and serenity. This is the reason for which smiles are an important ingredient of success, both in private life and in business. A nice smile is the first, most immediate and efficient business card. With a smile-a nice smile- you start on the right foot and interact with others at your best. 

Open Your Smile was born in 2014 with a tour in all the main Italian cities and a Facebook page which collected smiles all over Italy. In 2015 Open Your Smile launched a smile campaign on the web and a social initiative which involved the whole of Italy. With Open your Smile in 1 click! We are giving free smiles to the main schools in Italy. The ten schools that will collect the most clicks by October will share the winning sum of 15,000 euros. The click doubles with a “like” on the Facebook page and triples if you load a picture of yourself with a ☺.
This initiative is going viral and is being shared. On the 2nd of October, the World Smile Day, we will communicate the names of the 10 winning schools. Alongside the Open your Smile project, we launched “The Smile Survey” on the Facebook page: a few questions to shape Italy’s smile geography and understand where our country stands on the world scenario of smiles.
A beautiful smile always works: it resolves, alleviates tension, and helps in the most critical situations. It’s not only a feature of our personality, it is also an aesthetic feature that influences our lives and our relationship with others, and Invisalign® knows this. In fact, the company which has revolutionized teeth alignment in dentistry, is supporting the initiative Open your Smile once again: a project that involves thousands of people, their confident attitude towards smiles and towards ….donating smiles!