Milan, Rome, Padua and Palermo: the Italian cities we pinpointed to launch Open Your Smile in Italy, the smile tour sponsored by Invisalign Italy, the Italian branch for Align Technology, the Dutch multinational company that produces and distributes Invisalign®. 

Open Your Smile, the smile tour for Invisalign®

Open Your Smile lets you listen to and meet some of the testimonials for positive thinking, of a cultural approach that makes of self-esteem and confidence central elements for social well-being for both the individual person and the community: Enzo Miccio, the most famous wedding planner and expert in style on TV, gives advice on the best smiles and looks every day; Marco Klinger, the renowned Italian plastic surgeon, who praises imperfections; Jill Cooper, the most famous American personal trainer, that explains the best ways to take care of one self and one self’s body; Roy de Vita, another one of the most famous plastic surgeons in Italy, that explains what being “really” beautiful means and how much smiles and good moods count to look tops.

And then, Vale Giuffrè, success & style coach, that works on people’s self-esteem, fulfilled and open; Spyros, winner of the first Masterchef Italy edition, chef and writer; Assunta Corbo, the journalist “specialized” in good news who gave life to the blog That’s Good News; Valentina Ciannamea, journalist and web editor for Cosmopolitan; Mila Ferrari, make-up artist and image consultant that works for the big names in the music industry, and at last the very well-known Paolo Crepet (psychiatrist and psychologist ) and Carla Gozzi, Enzo Miccio’s colleague and face for Real Time channel.
Open Your Smile’s venue is a fully accessorized truck that stations in the crucial areas of the pinpointed cities at the week-ends. The meetings with the testimonials take place in a modern conference room, in which a photographic shooting is set-up sided by professional photographers who alternate in taking pictures of the best smiles of guests and visitors. Shots that can be studied ad hoc for whoever wants to give added value to their CV or for those who have modelling ambitions in front of the huge Cosmopolitan cover which is our media partner.