DNight, the night of stars: the Discovery Media Roman Upfront.

A placée dinner for 200 guests in a magic atmosphere in the heart of Rome.

The “Lanterna Rome”, exclusive and charming location in the historic centre of Rome, hosted communication customers and decision makers in the occasion of the Discovery Media Roman upfront.

A content-rich evening: the new 2017 TV programme marked by an important selection of channels reels with the special attendance of one of the most representative faces of Channel Nine: Max Giusti, who gave the guests an excerpt of his latest show.

For several years in support of Discovery Italy in the organization of B2B and B2C major events, we managed the event from A to Z, with the exception of K, because Knam managed the catering there, the chocolate king and nowadays an historic talent of Real Time channel. 

DNight - l'upfront romano di Discovery Italia