“Terrazza 12” hosted the exclusive preview of the coolest broadcast of 2015

Press conference and live twitting in Milan for "Adam looking for Eve" launch, presented by Vladimir Luxuria

One of the most exclusive locations in Milan, Terrazza12, hosted two events promoted by Discovery Italy for the launch of the Italian production of "l’isola di Adamo ed Eva, alle origini dell’amore”, on Deejay TV (channel on mainstream TV). Special guest of the soirée Vladimir Luxuria, who declared: "Italy should watch this program to learn how to take off all morbidity and voyeurism toward nudity, felt as sin. We born naked, everything else is a disguise! "

The first event was the press conference, attended by the most famous TV press personalities. The presence of Vladimir, with her irreverent and spicy speeches, aroused curiosity and interest towards the presentation and achieved great results in terms of attendance: nearly 50.

Two days later, on the evening of the première at 9.15 pm, the location has turned into a large parlor. Guests, almost 100 people among TV bloggers and journalists, commented the episode live, tweet after tweet, and posting on their social and on those opened specifically for the production. Discovery capitalizes on this formula to engage the experts and to generate communication and visibility on social networks.

The recommendation to undress all the guests before entering was appreciated ... but maybe we're not ready!!!