From September 1st is on air from September 1 the new GetFIT communication campaign to support the "back to gym" subscription campaign

#scadrègati, the GrtFIT communication campaign to support the “back to gym”

We won a four agencies’ pitch thanks to the development of an ironic and irreverent creativity that culminated in the hashtag #scadrègati.

The "cadrega" is a Milanese word that means the "chair" very well known in Italy thanks to the cult gag of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. Cadrega over time has become synonymous of inactivity. Abandone it, especially the office one, is an imperative for those who choose, following good summer goals, to stay active and fit.

"Scadègare" Milanese becomes the new mission of the fitness club network, which owns 9 clubs in the city: stop to the Milanese stereotype of high productivity twenty-four hours a day; go ahead with those who choose to manage their time focusing on quality of life, paying attention to wellness and physical activity.

The copy winks to GetFIT “milanesità”, while non-professional actors have been selected for visual, like common people who attend the Network Clubs.

The campaign is planned in Milan in out-of-home circuits, including some of the major led wall systems in the city's key points, digital (web & social) and local press, in three subjects.


Art Director: Michele D'Ambrosio

Copy: Ugo Testoni

Photography: Sara Filets