GetFIT choose us for the third year and the # SCADRÈGATI campaign starts again.

In 2019 we have called upon Royals, a stereotype of stillness.

#SCADRÈGATI, the out of the box campaign created for GetFIT

# SCADRÈGATI is nowadays a lifestyle and irony is its language. The strategy of our creative talents was to focus on inactive people using irony to talk to them, in a world of competitors who focus only on performance or price and who talk to heavy users .

A direct, honest and clear out of the box campaign, winking at social, signed by GetFIT. We have translated into communication the real desire of GetFIT company to activate the Milanese, regardless of the type of physical activity they will carry out.

The results of this 3 years campaign are incredible: a continuous growth in enrolments, but above all the campaign succeeded in reaching people who choose a Club that puts them at the centre, a Club where they feel accepted despite their physical form.

We started to follow the advertising campaign for GetFIT in 2017, changing the positioning by focusing on a neologism we used that is now part of the Milanese lexicon, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The "cadrèga" is the Milanese term that indicates the "chair" very well-known thanks to the cult gag of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. Over time, the cadrèga has become synonymous of inactive lifestyle. Leave the cadrèga, especially the office one, is an imperative for those who choose to stay active and healthy.

 The campaign aims to send a message to the Milanese: stop the stereotype of high productivity and commitments 24 hrs a day, start to those who choose to manage their time by focusing on quality of life, dedicating the right attention to well-being and physical activity.

After the great success of the first campaign, creativity has been revived every year in an ironic way and with ever-changing subjects that have amazed and intrigued the public.

The campaign was planned in Milan in the out of home circuits, including some of the main maxi led wall of the city centre, on digital (web & social), in the local press and with ambient marketing activities.


In 2018 we created an ironic training program: # scadrègaFIT. Exercises in which anyone could keep fit with the help of their "cadrèga". It has become a newsworthy event taken up by the main Italian newspapers.

In addition, we have created master classes focused on the use of the "cadrèga" as a training tool, amplifying the message and involving all members of the GetFIT fitness centres and influencers / journalists.

The big news of 2019 was the publication of the book "50 excuses for not going to the gym" published by Giunti, free delivered to clubs members. An ironic and funny little book that tells the most creative, absurd, bizarre and funny excuses in which sedentary people identify themselves escape the gym!

In Milan for 35 years, GetFIT manages 8 clubs and has 35,000 members to its credit. It is the first privately-owned fitness club chain in Italy.