The “Salone del Risparmio” 2019 edition focused on future challenges to respond to environmental emergencies. With Schroders, we proposed an unconventional emotional declination that focused on consultants’ commitment and participation.

Schroders LIFEGUARD. #savethefuture

An essential set-up, dominated by a wall repesenting a Californian beach. An immediate call to action, addressed to consultants: "The future needs you, join us" to promote sustainability, taking care of the environment and the savings of families.

The invitation is to step into the Schroders Lifeguards’ shoes and recommend sustainable investments to protect individual interests and collective well-being.

Whoever accepts the mission, can take up the tools of the trade (surf and professional life jacket) and, thanks to a very modern photo booth, immortalize the moment. We sent the shooting to e-mail address to share it via social media, we immediately printed a certified photo, as a real postcard with a stamp, to keep as a souvenir or share.

In addition to the certificate, we gave a digital voucher that, thanks to Pemcards app, allows to create and send a real, fully personalized postcard with a few simple taps, delivered with the traditional postal service. A vintage touch to remember the past rhythms, slower and more natural.

The activity allowed to register over 1,000 profiles and to deliver 800 Schroders Lifeguard certified photos.