Scotch-Brite® conqueres Eataly's customers with it's revolutionary product: Scotch-Brite®Extreme abrasive sponge

Scotch-Brite ® #purpleExtreme experience. Sold out!

Thousands of citizens of Milan, in a beautiful Sunday of September, had the opportunity to get in touch with the fast and effective range of Scotch-Brite, through an engaging activity based on practical solutions.

Entering at the reception of Eataly, a host provided information on the event and invited to participate.

In the second floor kitchen area, customized into an elegant and cozy Scotch-Brite lounge, Titty and Flavia demonstrated their fast and effective solutions to solve small problems in the kitchen. On the kitchen island and the countertops, all the installations allowed touching and testing the proposed solutions, made even more effective thanks to the "extra touch" offered by the unique qualities of ScotchBrite® sponges

Not only "solutions" by Titty and Flavia, but also pleasantness and friendliness to all our guests who left on the blackboard Scotch-Brite ® #purpleExtreme Post-it with their comments on the experience.

Outside, in April XXV square, our street team delivered the invitation to take part to the event and a sample of the new Scotch-Brite®Extreme (over 5,000 samples delivered).

Titty and Flavia: "Solutions", friendliness and pleasantness
Very popular souvenir photos with our domestic planner
More than 3,000 invitations and 5,000 samples delivered

There is no domestic problem for which Scotch-Brite, Titty and Flavia and Mirata ... do not have a solution!