Unipol Sai newest exclusive offers communicated on field

Selected touchpoints to communicate Unipol Sai latest offers

UnipolSai choses our networks to communicate the newest offers “ Home” and “Services”; over 650 selected touchpoints in which communicate in advance the new offers of the insurance, leader in Italy.

Café, hair stylists, beauty salons, laundries and bakeries were the protagonists of the campaign.

The customers of these locations attend them spontaneously and every day and are reached by the messages in a direct way; the owners of the points of sale are a BtB target for the company that dedicates a special discount offer to them. A win-win model!

The communication recalls the Mediaset TLP campaign with Gerry Scotti; it brings in all touchpoints materials that depict a comfortable armchair and a lamp, typical minimalist reconstruction of the Italian "living room" with a clear reference to Unipol Sai “Home” offer.

For subscription to the Unipol Sai offers, dedicated gifts and an exclusive discount.