Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are innovative, hydrating, and comfortable. We “bioinspired” ourselves to realize the summer tour “A summer at the beach with Biotrue” for Bausch+Lomb.

A summer at the beach with Biotrue

To launch the product we garrisoned the beaches and the main sea resort areas of Liguria and Romagna with a hydrating and refreshing daily activity and a luminous evening activity of leafleting and visibility.

In the hottest hours of the day we refreshed and quenched over 15.000 bathers with the innovative backpack-water nebulizator tool by Biotrue.
During happy hour, along the boardwalk, 2 “big bright eyes” attracted over 40.000 passersby’s attention onto the distribution team.

The 2 lit up maxi balloons that rose above the crowded backstreets made us distribute 25.000 saving coupons towards the purchase of the product.