A Road-Show that reached the most important media buying office in Milan to present the "refresh" of Discovery Channel 52.

Tasting the new DMAX!

Media buying offices are the heart of an activity promoted by Discovey Italy. The primary goal is a presentation of Dmax to the entire planners, its new design and the new publishing project. A street food trail gave a "tasting" of the new show schedule to all employees. Friulian Frico, Milanese mondeghin, truffle butter sandwich and brownies were associated to four of the new planning titles.

Guaranteed success for a nearly 90% of redemption. In fact, almost everyone who has received the tasting wheel at the entrance came back later in the day to pick up the tasting.

In addition a dedicated mini-site has collected data of all those who have made their culinary and visual choice!

The media buying offices network proves to be once again very receptive to this kind of activities, which are effective and engaging to achieve and "hit" the target!