, one of the most important players of online ads invades Milan with several visibility activities of great impact and memorability.

Unconventional strategy for the free ads platform of the eBay group

An articulated strategy in 4 different engagement modalities of the target to grow brand awareness and discuss the service offered on the free ads platform of the eBay group.
A funny tone of voice, surprising, and in line with the tone of voice used in the ADV campaign on air at the same time.
4 KiJiJi girls that have just come out from ...the AD, with a towel wrapped round their heads.

A helium airship flying over passersby’s’ heads in the main highstreets of the city, in the center, and in all directional areas;
A dominating traffic light with flying pit stops;
The unexpected evening projections on buildings and monuments were the ingredients that made people talk about Milan the month of March.

And this was only the beginning: the KiJiJi brand, thanks to our unconventional strategy, will stay imprinted in the Milanese’s habits by recruiting thousands and thousands of new “amateur sellers”.