The three main Galbani brands (Certosa, Bel Paese and the Salamis) come to life in a kitchen set up in the galleries of the main Italian shopping malls. 

What a party with "Galbani’s my home recipes"!

We worked on a new concept to decorate the staging, a simple but original interior design, enriched by an all-over graphic design with all types of detail.

The kitchen we created to present “My home recipes” is a place in which all the products and brands are presented in a pleasant and harmonious way: A kitchen in which the chefs prepare fast and easy to make tasty dishes with quality products to inspire the customer. We invited the customers to enter into a familiar world where they could find genuine and simple products like they would in their own homes.

Inside the kitchen, the chefs took care of preparing the tastings of Bel Paese, Certosa Stracchino Cremolatte and the salami Galbani, while the hostesses invited the target to taste the products.
All the Galbani kitchen guests, apart from the tasting, were offered some of the recipes to collect and be inspired and asked to play digital memory to receive immediate discounts on the promoted Galbani products.

To push the sale of the products, if you came back to the stand with the receipt, you would be gifted a colorful cutting board.