The preview of "Telescope: in the heart of the Universe" presented by Discovery Channel and Sky

Get back to childhood for an evening at The Planetarium of Milan with Discovery Channel.

The Civic Planetarium along with Discovery Italy and Sky Italy, in collaboration with the AstrOfficina Association, offered the premiere of the extraordinary documentary "TELESCOPE: IN THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE", on Discovery Channel.


An event organized in an evocative and privileged location attended by journalists, bloggers and the 800 lucky ones who managed to book the viewing of the show, scheduled during this magical and champagne tasting evening. A flute of champagne was offered at the entrance.
The charming introduction of the Planetarium director gave value to this magical place in the heart of Milan; a perfect location for the preview of the documentary that traces the history of the telescope from Galileo to Newton, from the Hubble to the brand new James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched into orbit in 2018.

A very successful example that shows how the choice of a location can boost the success of and event and give content to it.