Ambient marketing activities to try the new corn crackers Gran Pavesi 

The new corn crackers Gran Pavesi are so good that you cannot help it!

To build awareness at the launch of crackers, Gran Pavesi has entrusted us with the task of structuring an ambient marketing activity throughout the Italian territory, with the aim of engaging the target through the trial of the new product.

To stimulate a memorable contact with the target and generate empathy towards the product, we created the naming "Mais più senza" used on all communication materials.

The "crunchyteam" overseen the business centers, elementary schools, high schools, universities and shopping streets of the main Italian cities and gave people a samples of corn crackers.

Simultaneously we selected the best Hair Salons, where we placed a counter display containing the new crackers.

A product really ... can’t live without it (mais più senza)!